8 line banner font query


Just wondering if anyone might be able to provide a name or manufacturer for this little 8 line banner font. There isn’t a maker’s mark and it is end cut wood. Other than that I don’t really have any clues. It looks fairly generic.



image: bannerfont.jpg


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It shows up in Wm. H. Page’s 1888 catalog as Streamer No. 3.

Lots of streamer styles shown and they are all numbered instead on using names of the actual faces.

That being said the face itself is Egyptian Ornamented.


Thanks Rick. That makes sense. It came from an old printing firm that began operating about that time.

My 1888 Page reprint shows it as Streamer No. 2. My 1899 Hamilton show it as Number 355. I suspect that it was cut by Hamilton, probably at the M&W branch.
Dave Greer

Dave -

You are correct, it is shown in Page as Streamer No.2. I should have looked on top of the specimen instead of below it!