Die suggestions?

Looking to order a business card die for my Old Style C&P 10x15, probably either 4, or 6 up. I’m new to the C&P press, and have only run a few jobs on it. From what I’ve researched, after protecting the plates and applying proper backing, die-cutting is relatively simple.

So, Wondering if anyone has suggestions to any companies that are well-priced and turn around well-made dies. Also, what does a die range in cost?

Thanks for your help,

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I don’t know where you’re located, but I use Alpha Dies in Los Angeles. I usually pick them up - I don’t know if they ship or not. Dies are fairly inexpensive - I made two dies 7” x 7” and 6.75” x 6.75”, respectively, and it cost me around $80. Let them know what kind of press you’re running, and they’ll make the dies accordingly.

They don’t have a website, but their phone number is (323) 264-5151.

Good luck!

There’s also http://www.msrdies.com in Milwaukee. I’ve been hearing good things and they’re approachable.

We just had a die made by msrdies, and are very happy with both turnaround time and quality.

i use msrd also. they are friends? yes. but this is business. i guess we are blessed here in the milwaukee area as we have at least 4 die shops right here. let alone the chicago area.
point is, i do have a choice and choose msrd. tell them eric sent you and they will treat you reelly nice.

Thank you all for your help! Sounds like there are a lot of you happy with msrdies. I’ll give them a go.

I ordered from Milwaukee Dies

See my previous post:

I also did a short tutorial on die cutting on a C&P though in this example I used a cheap craft die. It works the same when using a proper die, just had to adjust packing.