Machine stop when going to cast.

I changed the mold liners and one mold cap, now the C4 stops when the mats go down to cast.

It stops when the mold dish moves forward.

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If your running in the second position, it could be that you have a high alignment mold cap (.140). These generally will not cast second position and will hang up if your running mats on the duplex rail.

What size mats (single or two letter) and what size slug/mold?

The Intertype Mold System Booklet is an invaluable reference for problems like this. Seems like it’s gone out of digital print again, though somebody may know where a copy is online. A lesser version of the book is included in the Intertype Book of Instruction as well.

I was rushed for time, and think I placed the wrong mold cap on.

Back to all long 80 hour work weeks, no time for the shop.