What to use to preserve rubber rollers on a Golding Offical #2

I restored an old Golding official #2 many years ago-
s/n 1818 (Born Oct 24, 1895)
It’s just sitting as a conversation piece in my living room
Not planning to put ink on the rollers at any time In the future
What can I put, coat or spray on the rubber rollers to keep them in good pliable shape for years to come
(just checked and they are still soft)- thank god
Always in an air conditioned house
I had them redone 10+ yrs ago or so as the originals were falling apart and in very bad shape
I sent them out to someone - to have redone I forgot who
I believe he passed away-:(
Thanks people

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Mounted horizontally cool place, coated with Glycerin, rotated 120 degrees occasionally.

Set of rollers from Thompson Platen, stored thus for 6/7 years (in essence) just sacrificed one to turn (high speed ground) on the lathe, a set of 4 colour proofing rollers, 18 point 24 point 36 point and 48 point wide, the recipient was highly delighted!!!

If they are truly rubber and not urethane they should be fine untreated in the air-conditioned house, kept out of direct sun or ultraviolet light. I have a set of rubber rollers on my 6x9 Sigwalt that I bought about 30 years ago, that I have used and used and used, cleaning them carefully after each use but not doing anything else to protect them, and they’re just about like new.


when I sent them out to a gentleman/company -many years ago possibly like 2002 as I was sending emails back & forth with Steven O. Saxe at the time on my serial number of my model 2 & what it dated to -I still have his emails from 2002.-go figure (I found him on this site or somewhere else that re-does rollers, so I sent him the old ones and he sent me them back.)I think it was like $40.00 or so back then, I cant remember who he was but I know he passed away. as I called his number years later to ask him a question & the wife told me he has passed away- oops
I had a choice of blue or black, like an idiot I went with blue, now knowing that keeping it like original black would have been a better choice but to late now. would the blue be rubber? & if so where do I get Glycerin? or if they have remained soft since 2002 leave them alone at this point

here is a quick picture of them on the Golding, are they rubber?

image: blue rollers-1.jpg

blue rollers-1.jpg

I would say that with a dull surface like these seem to have they are rubber, which can be a lot of different colors. The blue shiny urethane rollers I had never got used — they melted about 5 years after I bought them before I got the press fixed up enough to print with. I think if you watch these to be sure if they start melting you can remove them from the press, you’ll be OK. Some solvents will dry rubber and cause cracking, but just air should not affect them at all.


thanks,I think i will just leave them alone as they have been ok so far for many years in the living room on the press.
if its not broken, don’t fix it!