platen pressure/type placement

I have an 8x12 C&P (new). Generally speaking, when the platen meets type set in the chase is there more pressure applied in one area as opposed to another?
For example: let’s say I only had one line of type to be printed. Should it be set in the chase higher?, lower?, left?, right?….or does it makes little difference?

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If adjusted properly and packed properly, the platen press will apply its pressure evenly over the area of the chase.
In general, the form should print in the middle of the platen.
You might print one line, a name, on a piece of stationery. This will not print conveniently in the center. That is OK.

On my 8x12, a position slightly high of center seems to be the “sweet spot”. Good impression and it is not so deep as to threaten slow fingers…that is it seems easier to feed the paper there.

light to medium pressure can be performed most anywhere in the chase area. Heavy impression pressure however, stay away from “high” in the print area. this kind of pressure you would want to stay about 65% up on the plate, and lower. you can easily tell if you are “over powering” the press with an imbalance towards the high side. just below the operator station, by your left knee, you will see a roller. lock the press on impression, and while it is turning over, observe this roller. If it seems to be “kicking out” when press closes to impress, then you have too much pressure, too high on the image area. Moving your forme lower to center, or somehow balancing pressure towards lower, will stop this. Once the “Rocker Lock” is not kicking out, your pressure is even and you are in a good condition.
These types of presses are much more sensitive to imbalance pressures up and down rather than left to right. Balancing pressure is important to master in order to make for longer press life.