Removing adhesive from the back of hot foil dies

Can anyone recommend a good/easy/cheap way of removing the adhesive from the back of hot foil magnesium dies once we’re done with them? At the moment I am ‘scraping’ it off the back of the die with a pallet knife, very messy and time consuming. Is there a solvent we can use?
Thanks in advance.

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you can try putting the die in the freezer before scrapping.i don’t like that tape. solvents are even more messy

comes off easy when cold/ wait till heater and die is cool before removing plate. If pried off hot mag will bend/warp.
I don’t use it. I drill and countersink my plates to be screwed to the heaters that I built. Repeat orders allow plate to go back in same place and use same makeready

I use a hair dryer to warm up photopolymer or magnesium plates and then remove them and the adhesive with a paint knife.

I usually warm the tape back up with the hot plate and scrap with a razor blade. Or use some sand paper.

after several heating and freezing cycles. the tape should turn dried out a can tell it is getting ready as it should turn darker
it should scrap right of with a single edge, razor paint scrapper

Solvoplast. An adhesive remover used by hospitals, and bookbinders. Available at any drugstore.

Mike Conway, tell us more about the bases you’ve made?

I have the top surface of the heaters drilled and tapped for 8-32 I drill and countersink my mag plates to be screwed to the heater. On my Thomson and C&P the heaters are bolted to the bed of the press, on Heidelberg heater is locked in chase.