Heidelberg Uneven Rollers

Hi Everyone,

I am having some issues with roller height on my heidelberg windmill. I’ve just put some new rollers on this press. When I set the roller height in all 4 quadrants the top roller gets set perfectly. However, the bottom roller is too high and not inking the type-high gauge. This happens all the way through.

I swapped the rollers, to make sure the rollers are the same. I still get the same problem.

My old rollers (about two years old) had several flat spots on them. Even though I always place them back atop the cylinder with the bar lifted.

I appreciate any help with this!

image: IMG_0078.JPG


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Use dial calipers, check the rollers thickness. They should both be ~2”. I suspect your runners are uneven. Measure all 4 and label their diameters. If they’re at all uneven put the two larger ones on one side and the smaller on the other and adjust the rails until it prints properly. This will get you back printing until you can get some new good runners.

Experience: bought cheap runners on eBay and they’re not consistent. Threw them away.

Never mind, read the problem poorly. As Dan says, check the truck height.

Could the problem be as simple as :- The *Saddle* that carries the pair of rollers does not equalise and bring the bottom roller back into contact with the Rail,s = L.C.D. lowest common denominator, feeler gauge test, or line of sight, (by hand cranking) halfway through the traverse of the rails.!!


Slightly technical test, (with apologies) have the rollers, with trucks in place, mounted between centres on a conventional lathe, equipped with Magnetic Clock gauge have the rollers turned/inched through 360 degrees.

The clock gauge will verify to within .001” (one Thou) as to the accuracy OR otherwise of the trucks.

One more crude test (possibly) ink the rails (rails only) individually side to side with engineers *blue* or bright coloured ink, red/yellow etc, traverse the rollers the length of the rails, preferably from the ink drum DOWN! may tell where contact OR Non contact occurs, may also tell out of truth trucks. Good Luck.