numbering - problem inking - windmill press

I found some old numbering counters ( numeroteurs / french ) they may be for a cylinder press. I have not been able to ink on my windmill as the roller doesn’t push down the the # changer- so it doesn’t ink well. Any suggestions?? see photo

image: Numerator.jpg


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turn the machine the other way in the chase, the No. can hold the rollers away from the rest of the machine. The roller doesn’t change the machine, your impression does, looks like you need a little more impression.

Dick’s correct, if you can, orient the numbering machine so that the rollers ink each character then the plunger. This allows the rollers to not be deflected by the height of the plunger. If the line of the number is aligned parallel with the roller, the rollers need to ink everything in one fell swoop, and if your rollers are too firm, they will not ink the whole field of numbers.

When set up in a cylinder press, it is important that the plunger is the last thing to be printed as if you don’t orient that way, the numbers will be trying to change as they are being printed. That doesn’t make for good impressions.

John Henry

From my experience you can position de numbering heads in any position its just a matter of having the right packing and roller height.
i usually tape a piece of offset plate where the NÂș hits so it doesn’t deform and gives you an even pressure if the numbers are wared you can use regular masking tape where pressure is needed,
Ido agree that the horizontal orientation needs some extra care.

thanks much for the reply all- make perfect sense, I saw some old packing from the original printer he seemed to also add some tape to aid the # plunger.

tape will work, some machines I tape a copper thin space where the plunger hits.