Windmill lubrication question

Seeing the recent posting on windmill lubrication made me think about Grease points on the windmill - to date I have not found any grease points - for the pointed grease gun. Does anyone know where they are? I believe there are only one or two.

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that is an oil gun that comes with the windmill not a grease gun.

the pointed grease gun is for the Heidelberg cylinder

There is one grease point, as I recall…. a large zerk on the end of the belt variator.

(Some windmills have open forme-roller radial bearings that need periodic greasing by hand.)

thanks to all for the comments,
usefull to know that offically there are no grease points but the motor pulley could be either. Looking at some past posts it was interesting to see the hint about the ink drum and oiling inside from the pump side. This has has a good effect on my windmill.

The Heidelberg pointed grease gun is also used for grease points on the hand wheels for factory foil pulls of the GTP.