Unusual equipment

Under Workshops and Events in the Classifieds I posted a note about the Great Northern Printer’s Fair taking place in Mt. Pleasant, IA the weekend after next.

I have just found out that one of the vendors coming for the swap meet will be bringing rubber-stamp making equipment. He says he has two of them. I remember using them in college in the late 1960’s and you could make rubber stamps from foundry ornaments, type, dingbats, etc. Really cool stuff.
He says they will be “priced to sell”. He also will be bringing some foil stamping outfits “priced to sell” as well.

Haven’t seen things like these offered in decades. There will be a plethora of materials available for the beginning and experienced letterpress printer alike.

Hope to see you there.

Rick von Holdt

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Hey Rick!
I’ll be coming down from Madison for my first time, and am really excited! See you there!

I will be coming. For the first time. Don’t know what
To expect. I will bring an array of things. Some Ludlow
Matrix to trade it or sell. A project “notepads” to
Print. If possible.
I also made a 2 year calendar to share.

Welcome hoxie and Theo.

We have lots of toys to play with. Three Heidelberg Windmills for starters. Two Vandercooks, Three clamshell platens. Two handpresses (the third needs new leather straps to move the bed). A 15-ton Miehle Model 00 flatbed cylinder press. We also have Babcock cylinder press but it needs some minor repairs. Two Linotype and one Intertype and lots of handset type. We also have the ONLY operational Kickock ruling machine in the country. And we have a large padding press.

The motels are inexpensive and the comaraderie is fantastic. Weather should be great too.


I am trying to get work all finished so that I am able to come out again. I have a great time every year. Good friends, good fun, and some education as well.
Gotta get back at it if I am to get ahead enough.
See you there!!??