Inking plate with multiple colors

If I’m printing with photopolymer plates using a hand press with no overlapping design on the plate, is there any reason I can’t ink and press multiple colors at the same time?

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But you would need some very narrow and carefully-applied brayers, depending on your photopolymer plate design, and on the accessibility of the open press. If you mean a hand-operated tabletop press like a Kelsey or Pilot, that’s more difficult than using what is usually called a “hand press”, such as a Washington hand press, which I suspect Arie was referring to. Even at that, though, multiple-color printing on the hand press was usually done by leaving the color element loose in the chase and lifting it out, inking it carefully, and replacing it in the lockup. So an awful lot depends on your design and what “hand press” you are using.


Probably not practical from this distance, but stranger things have happened (the world is a much smaller place nowadays)

Some maybe 2/3 years ago I posted a little article about making Multi Colour Proofing sets (Brayers)

Comparatively Simple I.E. I Take a redundant/surplus, good condition EX Thompson Platen, (Equ, of H/berg Platen) Rubber Roller mount it in the Lathe (between centres).!

I part off 4 narrow sections @ 12, 24, 30, & 36 point, respectively to give 4 different colours for proofing, and then part off the steel core, to fit any one mini roller into a simple universal adaptor handle.
Of course I have to sacrifice at least 4 ems of rubber between each unit, but Thompson Rollers (slightly longer than H.Berg) will produce 3 sets, and occasionally enough left for a 3” - 4” x 2” (diameter) Brayer as well.

Although my Thompson Rollers are from a long time ago (dry stored) they are a quite soft (Shure Hasrdness) compound and ink well on fine lines, acquired technique with a little practice on P/P. plates.

Probably Highly impractical but just Possible!! to Make and ship a set to U.S. but who knows.??

For inking areas of a form in different colors on an iron handpress, this hard to find set of hand rollers from Bacher would be very useful.


D G M Sir, thank you for your addition to my efforts as.above.
My efforts were not out of my own head, but Plagerised from from an exact replica of your first link above.
In the U.K. first time around it was from Joyce & Co. Graphic Suppliers. Etc.
The addition of the Extra 3” - 4” brayer with the same circumference WAS my addition, probably appreciated for the Soft compound and gentle touch, on P.P. plates with very little depth of drive.
M.o M.

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to come back around until now, but some excellent and interesting info. Very much appreciated

@The ARM NYC: these look very similar?

Take a look at this blog entry of Lead Graffiti. We did an 8.5” x 11” in 31 separate colors (1 for each day in July) for an APHA calendar.

We were using a Vandercook, but you would just need a system to keep the roller straight. The colors on our piece are 4 picas wide. That would be hard to replicate, but surely double shouldn’t be that hard. You just have to charge the roller very, very carefully.

@Lead Graffiti that is awesome. thanks for sharing.