C & M Columbia #1

Can anyone help me with more info? Is there a source for trucks & rollers?

Green w gold pin striping.Seems complete Thanks for any info.

image: image.jpeg


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Measure the width of the opening in the roller hooks to get the diameter of the cores, and the outside to outside distance across the press between the roller hooks for the core length; take the center-to-center distance between those hook openings on one side of the press, subtract about 1/8 inch for clearance, and that can be the roller diameter, rounded to an even measure like 1 or 1-1/4 inches. The diameter of the ink disc, or perhaps 1/2 inch less, or the cross-press inside measure of the chase, can be the length of the roller covering, for which I suggest rubber, for custom rollers. You probably won’t find stock rollers available.


Looks in good shape, not many of them around. number one is the 5” x 7.5” chase. I do have your rollers and trucks in-stock free USA shipping on hear. click on my name to send message.

Todd provided a nice set of rollers for my Chinese made (?) press.

Definitely worth an approach,

I have the Curtis and Mitchell Columbian Rotary Press No. 2 (6 x 9). Todd at toddspresstime had rollers for me, and they worked great!

They are nice presses. Yours still hss the original green paint. Sort of a British Racing green. With the trucks, make sure they are wide enough. The rails are pretty narrow. We had a No. 2 at the collage studio. Good impression for a table top.

Cleaned up one of these last summer, a wonderful little press.

I got new rollers from Todd and they worked great. :)