Golding Pearl question

I am trying to rescue a Golding Pearl, 5 x 8. The roller carriage snapped somewhere along the way- the clips and springs are usable, but I’ll need to replace the carriage. Any chance you or someone in your community has one from a parted out machine?
Thanks so much!

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Hi Jeff,
John Falstrom had a few Pearls he was parting out from the Museum of Printing in Andover, MA. (soon to be in Haverhill pronounced hay-vrill) You should ask him. Also I would suggest you join the Pearl restore group on Yahoo Groups. Nothing but Pearl restorers on there and it gets your questions into John’s mailbox.

Hi Jeff,
Tom Kartes of T&T Press restoration can repair it if you have both parts of the broken piece. He has fixed a lot of press parts for me over the last few years and always does a great job.