My new website

My new website.

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Great photo! One suggestion, though- on my screen, the “Greater Houston Printing” is on top of a darker section of the photo and hard to read. You may want to make it white, or make sure it always stays in the lighter portion of the photo!

Yes I changed the color of the text. The photo is my C4.

Very nice.
Two critiques:
Under your name is listed; “Full color color printing”; duplicate of the word color.

Your email us and contact us forms are basically redundant.

Thank you I asked to people check it out so I could correct what was over looked.

Thank you I asked many people to look it over and tell me what I over looked.

Only the few people on this posted out problems.

I guess my family and boss at my day job, just open the link, saw the link worked and replied to me, it looks great and closed it.

That’s the way it goes a lot of the time Aaron, don’t worry about it too much.

Only thing I would change not is under location, drop the contact form and see if you can put a google map widget it there that shows the map and allows people to enter their address and get direction.

Right now I am not in a good location, which has killed my business for three years. Hoping to be able to rent a larger place soon.

We are planning not planing to move to a new location - spelling error on title page. Check your spelling Aaron!
It’s a truism that we never spot our own mistakes. Good luck with it all.

Thank you for your help.

When you type and think without writing it out first, the wording sometimes end up not being correct.

And, when you read over what you wrote, you brain some times doesn’t catch the error.