UK eBay Prinserv table top platen

This table top press is on eBay UK. It is listed as a Prinserv which I don’t recognise and I am guessing it is a European make. Does anybody have any information on it?

image: prinserv.jpg


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P.P. the following probably of no constructive use, but may prompt good info.
If as you suspect it be of European origin and IF or good buddy Thomas Gravemaker looks in you may get some good info.

All that can be offered is, if the colour be Original or reproduced to match the original, I own a Tabletop Machine labelled *AJAX* . with the colour as a dead ringer for that on the *Prinserv* which might put in the time frame of mid to late 50,s.

Speculation only, the general appearance is close to the Sqintani *S*, we believe manufactured in U.K. but under license from Spanish/Italian parent company.! May be a line of investigation.?

The AJAX, acquired to facilitate teaching, (once repaired and operational) primarily because the Ajax is Parallel approach, for demo, side by side, with Adana,s H.S.3 and Adana, 8 x 5.

I have one of these which I am restoring at the moment, and until this e-bay advert appeared I had not heard of another one in existence. Mine has its history, it was purchased before WWr1 in London. Apparently the manufacturer (from London I think?) went out of business by the end of the war. The colour is not original - the original colour is a light battleship grey. It is quite similar to a Model 3, 9 x 6” chase and is a handy and well manufactured machine made out of proper malleable cast iron and brass.

It’s nice to know another one is still in existence, but it is a shame that the one on e-bay is missing its platen, which will be irreplaceable.

I have come across absolutely no information about Prinserv - if anyone can add anything I’d be very interested.


I’ve been trying to deal with this guy. He really wants to sell the whole collection, wood type, type and two presses (an Adana HS2 and this Prinserv). I have seen one before and I have some publicity somewhere for one. They were made just before and just after WW2.
This one seems to be missing parts and certainly the rollers and trucks.

And I’ll add about Squintani, parent of the Model Printing Press company not Spanish or Italian Mick but from UK. I’ve some more info on that somewhere in a little booklet produced by Toby Hardwick (I bought all his collection).
And the Prinserv is too bright to be original colour, I suspect thats good old hammerite in their gaudy green colour if you look closely its a recent addition.