Separating a brass hot foil plate from its base

I want to separate a brass hot foil plate from the aluminium base it is glued to but I am having problems.
There isn’t any gap between the plate and the base so I can’t lever it off.
The plate is stuck on with some type of brown resin. I have tried boiling in water and soaking in spirit but can’t soften the adhesive.
Any suggestions from the hot foil community?

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Have you tried taking a propane torch to it and heating it hotter than it usually gets heated? That resin probably cannot take the heat the brass or alumunum is able to…….just an idea……db

That is a layer of brown tape. it can be Very sticky. It is heat activated. i would use the torch or bake in and oven to 450’ F. then right where that tape layer is. (prob at a corner is easiest), tap in an exacto knife blade. tap it in as far as you can. now put the whole thing in the freezer. after it has completely dropped to freezer temp, go along side of your inserted blades with other blades. i prefer the blades that are blunt, sharp scraper blades. tap those in. it should break free, eventually.

I foil a lot, don’t need mounted dies, I do often receive them from stock clients, I use a shallow butcher Tray (Art supply store), Naptha and place the die face sown into it, I have a plastic box over it large enough to cover all and let it sit for a day. Usually it softens the Tape and you can peel the die right off. That is also how I remove the Tape from used dies, I ate it than people scrape the tape off and hack up the back of the die.