Heidelberg: bent gripper, hidden oil ports

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing a lot of touch-up work on my press and making good progress. I came around asking for help with irregular grippers, and one solution was to apply rubber sheeting where there was none. It definitely made a huge, huge difference.

1. But one of my arms is still bad, and today I observed it closely and realized that it was simply bent. There is no noticeable bend or fault, but as the gripper slides over the tympan the far end of the gripper is lifted about half an inch off the tympan; by the time it sits parallel with the end of the tympan, instead of sitting even with it like the good arm does, it’s raised up. I can take a photograph of this position if anyone thinks it will help.

Is this a matter of adjustment, manual bending, or a new gripper altogether?

2. Only the red paint survives on the oil ports. I know this is a tedious and old question, and perhaps somewhat unanswerable, but I really need to know: what bolts are “green” bolts and what would be “yellow”? Everything for me is just dark. Perhaps that means some of it needs to be cleaned, and I’ll be deep cleaning it this weekend, but I’m almost certain there’s no coloration. And for some reason I’m too timid to start loosening bolts without knowing what I’m doing.

Regarding oil protocol, I’ve been using the same Mobil DTE 40 SAE stuff for years. However I’ve ordered some SAE 20 as well, to use on the finer machinery up front. Is this all in good order?


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I usually just would pull down on the gripper that is “high” from the platen, while it is pointing straight up as they turn. to this gently a little at a tin=me until you get uniform distance between gripper and platen, no packing or die jacket. I believe the clearance should be about 4 points (thickness of 2 leads).
Any oil is better than none… I use 40 weight so it tends to stay around longer as lighter weight oil is “runnier”
Hopefully someone who is sure what the correct measurement is will let us know if it is not correct.
I agree with ericm in the following post, “If it moves oil it”
There is one green “bolt” if you look down between the flywheel and the press, mine was covered with gunk, remove it and fill hole with oil.
Hope this helps.

Oil already answered and well documented in Archives/Back posts.

Bent gripper arm, generally not quite as simple as implied.??

I.E. it (the One arm that is out of truth) by that much, the problem is probably in the boss that the arm bolts into.! x 2.

It is (as they both are) *MALLEABLE* by design, in that they will bend rather than snap, to protect the grippers proper.

Generally and advisably ONLY straightened by dedicated Heidelberg Engineers. Whittenberg in U.S.A. We believe.

The normally seen method, is with a special purpose tool about 36-40” long, with a socket at the working end, to fit over the malleable stub etc. >dedicated bending bar.<

Straightening *In Situ* is usually inadvisable, unless the arm is supported progressively along the length, whilst attempting to rectify.
O.K. perhaps for a few Thou. discrepancy, but not for the stated 1/2” out of truth.

Our, [email protected] may be worth an E.mail.

A lot of work done with oil points here - http://www.briarpress.org/43050