Oil points on Heidelberg windmill

This is probably a familiar question to everyone, but I feel the need to ask it:

All of the green and yellow paint on my machine is worn off, and I reckon some of the red might be too. I have a cycle of obvious oil spots, some with chips of paint still on them, that I hit, but I’m almost certain I’m missing some.

Is there an available chart of some kind that could guide me through this? What are some green and yellow spots I might be missing? Do different spots require different oils, and different applicators?

I am trying to simply “use my head” and apply oil where it looks like it needs it, but honestly, I don’t trust my head to do so completely, and I want to do what I can to ensure the press operates smoothly.

Is it common to rub any of the machinery down with oil afterwards?

Is it common to rub the rollers with vaseline after every use?

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if it moves,,, try to oil it,,,, at least occasionaly

I believe Heidelberg recommended only one kind of oil and they provided an oil gun (not a grease gun) with the Windmill. There are many ‘hidden’ oil points on a Windmill, including one on the inside collar of the flywheel, so spend a good amount of time getting familiar with them.

I don’t know of a comprehensive list that is available, but moving slowly around the press and looking for oil nipples and red/yellow/green paint or caps should reveal most or all places in need of oil. Too much oil is better than not enough… just be careful it doesn’t make its way onto your paper.


The modern equivalent of the Heidelberg-recommended oil is Mobil DTE Heavy or Extra Heavy.


Thanks Brad, I was familiar with the Heidelberg oil gun but never looked for one. Perhaps it’d be a good idea to get it.

Looks like I’ll just have to rely on my own thoroughness. Does anyone have a count of how many oil points there would be? That way I would at least have a goal to work for to make sure I’m in the right ballpart.

But as ericm said, “if it moves, oil it…”

I browsed some older threads and found some good answers and general advice. Such as there are potentially 125 oil spots to look out for.

Does anyone have an old Heidelberg oil gun around they would be willing to sell/swap? They are available for 58+shipping online.

The heidelberg oil gun is actually manufactured by a company that traded as “tecalimit” most heidelberg oil guns are marked with this legend . It is also the manufacturer of the oil pump system on many of the MGD vertical miehles .

here is a link to the manual - it has the recommended lubrication information needed - hope this helps