Photopolymer plates in the UK or EU (again)

I’m hoping to hear from letterpress printers in the UK who use photopolymer plates. Particularly those that can recommend a really good platemaker that supplies consistently good quality plates on a good quality photopolymer of a decent shore hardness!

If you are happy with the plates you’re getting, please be a sweetheart and share the details, such as name of supplier, type of plate and any other information.

PS - yes this topic has come up before, but it was a few years ago

PPS - any recommendations for suppliers in the EU would also be welcome

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I’m using Lyme Bay press 152 deep impression and they are fine. The company have moved from Lyme Regis to Braintree.

You don’t need to buy the aluminium base, I use 20mm Delrin and put a piece of card on the back to bring it up to type high.

I have used Lyme Bay Press and they are so helpful especially as I had not supplied a suitable file to start with. I have also used Centurion Graphics as well and they supplied some good half-tone polymer plates, my next project with them is to try an embossing set. I have a steel backed polymer which is mounted with 4 thou double sided adhesive tape onto high quads which is type high without any adjustment.

Lyme Bay Press are great, really helpful with great quality plates. They can also supply the metal chase bases if you need one

I haven’t used plates from Lyme Bay, but bought two of the bases last year. Excellent, fast service. Lisa is good people.

Thanks for comments so far, very useful.

I do have 2 bases, a Lyme Bay press one and another which was custom made for magnesium plates. I have also used Lyme Bay polymer here and there over the years, and they are very efficient with turnaround etc.

I would like to try a few other suppliers for size as well, so any additional recommendations will be much appreciated…

I’ve used the Centurion steel backed which are 90 sure hardness to print on hand made paper with a lot of inclusion, the paper had a very rough and hard surface.
I bought premounted because I was advised that you cannot get steel backed off a base without bending the steel and it was likely to be a repeat job.

I’m testing Centurion plates currently, and happy so far.

I would avoid using AJ Engravers in Chatham, they have a policy of making you pay for sending a plate back if it’s flawed (rather than sending a replacement or agreeing to pay the postal cost, even where they agree it’s a fault at their end).

I used Peacock in Berkhamsted for years but he closed up last year and i’ve not needed to get any made since. But I was recommended Metallic Elephant (in Essex i think) recently as being very good. Haven’t tried them myself yet.

These are not from the UK, but from Germany. We received kind quotes from all of them though. If you know of any additional platemakers, please add them:

Buch Kunst Papier /

Flexo Manufaktur /

Belgravur /

Jaehde /

Marburger STS /

Drucken & Lernen /

Kappl /

All the best!

An excellent company to work with: Repro Hermans in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Top quality photopolymer and magnesium plates, embossing dies and brass blocks. They work for the packaging industry, but don’t turn away small customers. And always good adviceā€¦