Stock Paper Cart - Many Trays - Help Finding Equipment

I’m hoping someone has solved this or has a suggestion. I have a large number of specialty jobs for our paper cutting department. I would like to make a queue of the paper for my cutters.

I envision something like a “Sheet Pan Rack” using in baking but with dimensions for printing (26” x 40” - or larger). Does anyone know of something I can buy with this functionality?

For reference here is a link to a sheet pan rack (again this is for baking and they are too small)

Any help is appreciated


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Forget U-Line and sites that are selling new equipment. What I would suggest is that you can hopefully locate some “Restaurant Equipment & Supplies” businesses in your telephone book. If you are located near a large urban center your chances of finding a few of them are increased. You really need to physically visit them because you will not be needing anything new. They should all have a “used” equipment area because they often recycle things from restaurants that have gone out of business. Everything from silverware to ovens. It is here where you will find the baking racks and other rolling racks that might work for you.They will also be much cheaper than buying anything new.

These places are also an excellent source for stainless steel heavy-duty tables for your shop.


Hey Dave-

You could purchase this type of shelving system and extra shelves, then just load a whole lot of shelves onto one unit, at whatever spacing works best for your pile height.

I believe it comes in 36x48” shelf size somewhere, which fits your size on it easily enough with a bit of space for small boxes of clippings on the side.

You can get wheels to plug into the bottom if you want to turn it into a cart.

Otherwise, flat-file shelving might do the trick- if you Skid the flat file shelving on a palette you can use a palette jack to move it.

Hey everyone, Thank you for your suggestions. I’m not sure I gave enough information.

I am looking for something on rollers and not a free standing item. Such that I could roll it back into our storage area to get our stock paper (small quantities for these small specialty jobs) to cut. That is why I was looking for the equivalent of an oversized baking cart (I could load 15-20 small jobs into the cart on a single visit to the storage area). This would reduce the amount of time spent walking back and forth and be better for productivity and frankly wear and tear on my cutter.

Sheet pans have a sidewall, this betters the chance that the paper get’s nicked while handled.

You don’t specify how large a sheet, or how many jobs you want on a cart/ shelve.—WT26GYE/dp/B00CRB...

These one can take a load, and you need to look at something along this lines. Years ago, for a Friend who owns a gravure shop, I designed rolling cart which were made from 1 inch maple plywood, able to take multiple jobs and easy to handle on heavy duty casters, 18 years later, they still work like a charm.

At my day job (small printing company), we use heavy-duty wire shelving with casters (some with laminate countertops) as our turtles. They work fine moving parent sheet cases around. We put thin hardboard on each shelf to keep the wires from wrinkling anything. We have around 15 or 20 of them in various configurations and sizes around the store that are all more than 25 years old now and still look near-new.

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There used to be several makes of printer’s drying racks (Anderson, Pratt, Challenge) but it looks like they aren’t being made today. We made ours based on the Challenge unit shown below, with a plywood base, central frame made of 2x8s, slotted angle for the slides, more slotted angle at the four corners for added strength, held together with carriage bolts. Trays are 1/4” masonite, half-depth, but a whole carton of 23x35 stock will fit across the two trays of one level. This can bear a lot of weight. You could build this at any scale, but frankly, loading 26x40 stock into it, lengthwise, would be a chore. For parent stock it might make sense to have a second cart in the style of most bindery carts, having one long side open.

image: challenge.drying.rack_.jpg