Heidelberg Identification

I was wondering if anybody knows what version Heidelberg this is. I apologize for the low-quality picture, but that’s all I have.

Also, do these presses require any specific electrical requirements?

Thank you.

image: windmill.jpg


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10x15” Tiegel Platen (Windmill)

Some were shipped with 3 phase motors. Some were shipped with single phase, 220v. Motors are generally 1.5hp.


As implied above, 1.5 H.P. motor, preferably 3 Phase, always regarded as more efficient i.e. 3 pulses at 120 degrees = 360! smoother and consequently more energy efficient,+ 3 phase has the added benefit of instantly reversing, by perming any 2 from 3 input supply lines.
Generally, in standard ex factory form, irrespective of Single Or Three phase power unit, Heidelberg,s fitted CONED PULLEY gives almost infinitely variable speed Control?? of course with sophisticated Stop/Start facilities, and equally sophisticated built in overload trips, normally within the ON/OFF switch, with Oil filled *Dash Pots* calibrated to suit the drag on the input supply, for Direct on Start,!!!.

A close inspection of the main Feed/Delivery Table/Apron will show the Serial number, stamped into the Apron in close proximity to the adjustable delivery stanchions, may need cleaning to reveal,? to quote for more info, your *Whittenberg Graphics,* (Stateside) May Help, but an E mail to, >[email protected] graphics< U.K. will certainly give you Chapter & Verse.

The reason for finding and quoting the serial number is the best way to identify, speaking of *Windmill* and or *Black Ball/Red Ball* etc. not exactly rocket science description,s.??????

Thank you, dicharry & Mick on Monotype!