In need of a complete counter bracket.

Good day Briar Press members,
I am hoping that someone out there has a spare complete counter bracket that they are willing to part with, of course not free I am willing to purchase. I have a C&P 8x12 and would like to attach my counter to it, I’m barely learning on this press after a year of it sitting in the garage and have my set up just right. This has been a very elusive piece so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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is this counter bracket the same for all C&P’s? on the bigger machines, it clamps onto the side arm..?

above are overpriced obsolete numbering machines. just a craiglist cash grab

Good heavens! I have dozens of these numbering machines. I cannot imagine that there is that much demand for these numbering machines to print numbered tickets. Pennies on the dollar if anyone needs any.

I thought this was about a counter bracket, not numbering machines?

ericm, I’m with you, I also thought it was about the counter on the outside of the press that keeps track of your impressions printed. “Redington” as I recall was the brand name. And as far as I know all the c&p’s used the same counter and bracket. STEVEBARRY, I’m in need of numbering machines to print tickets with. Call me at 559 730-1596 California time with the particulars on your numbering machines. Carl.

k. well. i have a counter and bracket that i would be willing to part with. i believe it just clamps onto the side arm.
contact me if interested. it is just sitting so, not much money. just like to see this old stuff going to someone who wants it, and will use it. if i see it on ebay, i will find your press and spray it pink.

this is what i have

image: 20160326_142534.jpg


i remember i atached a regular calculator and a pin or whatever that hits the = sign after doing the input 1+1 this will increment the number one by one each time the machine closes cost about 3 dollars;) and can be with solar powered cells hahah

Thank you all for the response and apologies for not responding sooner.

ericm, Yes!! that is the bracket but it’s missing one piece, the piece goes right on the bolt that attaches to the press arm. I included a picture of the actual paper work that comes with the counter when purchased new. Ericm no this will not get put up on eBay believe me. I got a couple of these F.B Redington counters that after getting my press I just started to find. I even found one on a craigslist add that was being scrapped along with other old metal. I started to restore all the old counters to their original look. and believe me its a work in progress.

Listen to me here blab on, If you can see the picture there is a piece of angled metal to hold the counter bracket to the press arm.

image: IMG0762.JPG


Ericm, No not pink what would become of me…

This was my find on craigslist. I can’t believe this person was giving it away as scrap metal, its was dirty so i just put a bit of elbow grease and some patience and got it to look as shown.

image: 22.jpg