Removing roller arm.

Happy Easter fellow printers! So I have moved my press in the pat which unfortunately means taking it apart. Well I must do so again and have got hung up on removing the roller are so I can seperate the frame and bed. I tried to drift it out the bolt/pin and doesn’t seem to budge and have even hit it with some PB to losses it and there is no bolt on the other side to screw it out. I know I must have done this in the past when I moved it but can seem to recall how it was removed. I have attached photos. Am I missing something?


image: image.jpeg


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that pin should come out on its own. put the nut back on, loosely and tap it. it may be that it has seized in the arm, so, maybe have to tap off both ends of the arm. check for binding. turn the press over slowly, it may come out in one press position but not another. if this is the case, check for bent parts.