Ejecting Slug

I took the section where the Intertype slug are ejected apart and cleaned them. This is the part that has the swing strap to keep the slug from flying in the air out of the machine.

Now, the slugs are hitting on something and marking the top left side of the slug with a low spot as it comes out of the machine.

I retook it apart and put everything together again and it still doing it.

What am I over looking on putting this part back on.

Call me if you can help 281-455-0050

image: slug ejected.jpg

slug ejected.jpg

image: slug ejection frommachine.jpg

slug ejection frommachine.jpg

image: area.jpg


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Conjecture and not Fact??? once the piston in the pot has retracted and even before the Mats have been picked up by the first elevator, with the clutch, hand operated mechanism used manually, *inch* the m/c. over and have 2/3 extra sets of eyes looking ON/IN…
Just a thought!! if it be rubbish or already posted previously, apologies.

I did that and I only see it hitting something at the top left corner. But, when I take it a part I do not notice the part it hitting.

if you can, or want to, get some machinist “bluing”,(this may come in red) the liquid, not the paste. start putting it on suspect areas. the contact spot should show with a mark in the coating. once found and solved, it can be wiped away with solvent.

A.D. thank you for the *Nod* on Sunday next, 10/04/`16 will be in sight of Both Lino and Intertype, if you have not resolved the situation (by then) will take of shots of both, with the Vice and delivery mechanism swung IN and swung OUT and down.

May have to beg of B.P. members how to post Pics.

Just one E Mail to > [email protected] < may well prove very helpful, as well! They are as good as their Blog implies… If not better.?

After your strip down and re-assembly did every part go back into original register position(s) i.e. Tapped IN and BACK (with tiny copper/hide hammer or similar)

On the Monotype with regard to the TYPE carrier, (equivalent of your problem) the ejection of the type into the Carrier is Super Critical, as little as .002” (two thou) is the difference between and GO & NO go.

Good Luck. Mick.

I fixed it. When I took the parts apart to the ejection section I also removed the arm that pushes the slugs on the galley.

When I put the arm back that pushes the slugs, I put it on the wrong side of the lever that makes the arm push the slugs.

Once I corrected that problem, it work perfect.