Do impression stops on handle always meet machine base?


I recently acquired a Adana 8-5. I changed the bale as per instructions in manual. I have noticed the impression stops on handle no longer reach the base. Is this normal and if not how can the problem be fixed. Many thanks for your help.

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If I remember right the platen is wider than or the same width as the outside-to-outside measure of the rails, so it contacts the rails, or close, on impression. Check to be sure the bales are flush with the face of the platen without any packing, and that the only thing under the bales when packing the platen is the drawsheet — no packing there!. That will lift the bale and prevent full impression, I think. Also be sure the drawsheet and packing are inside the rails.


Mary S. Basically the only reason the machine will not reach the Bump Stops is because the packing is a little too much.

When the packing is correct, or thereabouts! the Bump Stops (register stops) will come into play when the *Straight line of sight* shows the impression handle and the Platen proper Fulcrum/Axis has gone at least a 2 Point lead Past the true horizontal, (Side view) this gives the effect of Final Impression, i.e. needs that tiny extra effort to achieve.!

If You inspect carefully, You will see that the Bale arm swings up and away via 2 Machine screws, set in the sides of the Platen proper,! . . BUT observe carefully the machine screws are closer to the top face of the Platen, meaning the bale arm will swing up and away for packing, but will ONLY return >home< to exactly 2 Point below the face of the Platen, Inc the Top sheet.

There are or should be 2 Bump Stops, (rubber pads) under the back and top of the platen proper, . . A. That catch the platen on its return stroke and . . B. That effect the position, that the rollers come to rest in, down and below the Chase, which is not critical anyway, more, just a little less annoying noise.

Perhaps, with a second pair of eyes, after achieving some semblance of light impression, and in slow motion bring the machine up to impression until gentle contact can be felt, You should be able to See, Feel, and Hear the last few Thou of the approach where (as above) the Linkage goes past the horizontal onto true impression.

You can also use this syndrome/procedure to achieve a reasonable Packing and Impression starting point,!!

I.E. back off the 4 impression screws, (releasing the 2 bed locating bolts first) with a forme in, reasonably heavy image area 50-60 % ONLY, no more,! bring the impression handle down to, metal to metal contact, the linkage will have reached its ultimate point, with NO resistance, and then bring the 4 adjuster bolts up to, as near as possible, even contact,!! . . using 4 little slivers of stock as feeler guages, this gives a good starting point for final adjustments.

In Ex factory and Original form, 8 x 5,s have the 4 long neck, adjuster bolts equipped with “Thumb Screw” style heads which lend themselves to Marking with Tippex, or Dabs of printing ink or whatever, to enable progressive advance x 4 to achieve and maintain, synchronization,???
Trading up or down with different stock, different job,s instead of repacking.!!!

Good Luck. Mick

Thanks Bob & Mick for your helpful answers. I will check my packing now as YES I did suspect I may have been a little over zealous. Found news paper from 1987 when I removed the older packing, even though highly frustrated at times it made me love the little machine a bit more :-)

On behalf of Bob & Myself, Thank You for the *nod*
If you like to keep in touch, please feel free.!!
I have a Kings Ransom of info, anytime.?
Small selection of Adana Parts,! . . + for just the price of the postage would be happy to send You 10/15/20 ish Proper Oiled Manilla *Top Sheets* Guillotined to the perfect size for the 8 x 5.!
Very accurate for packing thickness, and also ideal for “Wiping Down” when you inadvertently pull an impression on the packing, of course still dusted with a little french chalk or El Cheapo Talcum powder.???. . maybe include a few Position/Register Gauges .. Contact Pads.
Stabbing the packing is SO last century and expensive.??. Mick.

Mick, that is incredibly kind of you thank you. My only concern is I’m based in Ireland so it might be a bit of a stretch, are you this side of the water by any chance?
When you say you have a kings Ransom of info, I do have another question. I’m admiring all the gold foil lettering around at the moment. Can you get paints that replicate this look for the letterpress or do you letterpress and then do something afterwards?

Mary S. Any which way or where-ever,! Not a problem, if You are in Northern Ireland, letter-post for such as I imply above would be *Peanuts* if you are in one of the 26 Counties!! still Peanuts perhaps + 5%. Adana Parts may come in a little dearer for shipping.

Gold Foiling? One thing I am out of my depth with, sorry, but It seems that, with that system, it can not be replicated by other than an attachment fitted to the Adana = Quite expensive, steep learning curve, etc,.
BUT way back and still now.! some excellent results have been achieved via the use of a whole range of Dusting Powders, >>Gold, Silver, Bronze, Crimson, Aquamarine,<< etc.etc. Weddings, Christenings, R.S.V.P. style shindigs, etc in silver or gold take a lot of beating!!!
In the past and just for fun, (O.K. and showing of) we have dusted individual lines in 2 or more colours. It is fiddly but with a tiny Ladies Blusher brush it looks spectacular.

When the Children visit the Print Shop in our Museum and Print their Own certificate & Name on a Little Quarto, Flatbed Adana, we sometimes ask if their is a special day or date on hand, and dust the Odd certificate accordingly.!!!

You print from any image, Type, Block, Plate, etc.etc. in any colour, (it matters not, whatever is on) and dust with your required powder, it is so cheap.? With, for example just a tiny teaspoonful, you could/can dust, 500 Adana size sheets of stock and still have some left, OR use Gold or Silver Ink from the can, but more expensive and colours are limited.

You may hopefully get better or more Info from learned friends, Re Foiling.

But if You are in one of the 26 Counties, for the price of say 1/2 Lb. of Kerrygold Butter, (Metaphorically) Air Freight out of Shannon or Dublin, to Gatwick,!! I would be happy to send several colours of dusting powder for experiments, (with customs declaration from my local P.O.)

First paragraph my sense of humour,!!. . Second paragraph for real.

Regards and Good Luck, Mick