How to clean presses

I would like to find out the age of these presses that was given to me. They came from a library’s basement. Also, how can I clean the rust and dirt from them? The trucks are rusted plus the rollers are old and cracked. Can they be recored and who does it? The ink disk has black ink on it so what is the best solution to use to clean it off. Thanks.

image: press2.jpg


image: press3.jpg


image: press4.jpg


image: press5.jpg


image: rollers1.jpg


image: rollers2.jpg


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Here are good treads that discuss cleaning of presses, and how to date your Kelsey press, too.

I dealt with Todd at toddspresstime for some rollers for my Curtis and Mitchell press—but he also sells for Kelsey’s. I see them listed on ebay right now. I also bought some from etsy from someone in the UK. So they are commonly sold on ebay and etsy.