Ornate French Typeface Identification

I would be interested to know if anyone on Briar Press is able to identify this ornate titling face, which looks like it functions somewhat like Arboret, with ornamented spacing, punctuation and end pieces. All I know about it is that it is 34 point, and that it is likely to be French. Any information would be of interest!

image: IMG_1936.JPG


image: IMG_1935.JPG


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I’ve seen this before it’s a Stephenson Blake face I’m sure I’ve had before from the 1870s. Unfortunately I don’t have the specimen book any longer. I’m convinced it’s English.

Thank-you for the information! I had guessed it was French based upon where the etsy seller is based, and also because it has a nick on the top side of the type rather than the bottom. If anyone has the Stephenson Blake specimen book I would be very interested to know whether it is illustrated.

This “style” of ornamentally embelished faces was most popular in the 1840-1850 era.

They could be used as individual initials or put together as type with starters and stops as well as word divisions.

My Stephanson Blake is too “new” to include this face.


Identifying a fount would be so much easier when you pull a proof of it and scan that. Certainly, some people can tell from looking at your photograph, but not everyone is able to do that. Therefore, please pull that proof, scan it and post it! And, I will be able to look through my French type specimen books – and maybe some other Briar press users/readers will be able to do the same – and help you in with your quest…

Thank-you very much for your reply Thomas- I do not have the type with me at present, but when I do, in a few months or so, I will certainly proof it and post an image.