Any good letterpress podcasts?

Just curious if there’s any solid letterpress podcasts out there. Informational, design, people, printers, etc.

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Ironically I was just thinking of creating videos and adding them to my page I am working on.
Letterpress Friends College on Facebook.
I currently only scan a Technical Schools teaching books. Working from the beginning thru when I get time to scan more. I will be adding instruction from many other original out of print books.

Funny you should say that. I was thinking of starting one, but I wasn’t sure there would be any interest. It’s pretty niche and, after all, it’s largely a visual medium …

That sounds awesome Theo! Just joined the group, looks super helpful.

That’s rad effrapress, definitely a challenge with the visual side of things. I feel like there are some cool avenues though, I like design podcasts where its just designers talking bout work life, inspiration, creative process, etc. I feel like printers have a lot to say as well.

@effrapress - I was playing around with the idea of doing one as well. Basically, an interview show where I talk with interesting people in the world of letterpress printing… hear their stories and perhaps get a bit technical as well.

Perhaps we could collaborate? I’d hate to do something if someone else was thinking about doing the same thing.

Steve Miller has a podcast focused on book arts and poetry. 120 episodes posted.


This: interviews with book artists- some of them are letterpress printers-

The ITunes link is also for the Steve Miller interviews.

Thanks for the links Dan and Martha. I’m starting a podcast with my coworker at Hammerpress, Benjamin Jones. We are focused on shops in the Midwest right now due to traveling constraints but would like to plan future seasons in other parts of the country. We are planning on interviewing printers in their shops and our focus will run the gamut from commercial printing, boutique shops, hobby and garage printers, and educators. We are planning on getting a trailer up soon but our first season is still in development. You can sign up for our mailing list at

Kate Morgan

Letterpress Digest !

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