Value of R.Hoe

I have an R.Hoe & Co press #6312. I believe it has a 26” platten. Would anyone know what kind of value if any these presses may have? Supposedly, this press came out of Territorial Enterprises in Virginia. I have a plaque saying this press was being used there when Mark Twain was a reporter at the Newspaper.
Thank you for any info you can provide.

image: IMG_1815.jpg


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As far as Wikipedia knows, the Territorial Enterprise was published in Virginia City, Nevada, starting in 1860, and Twain worked there before 1868, when he reminisced about the experience. Based on the press’s serial number (one of the highest recorded in the North American Hand Press Database) it was probably made near or after the end of the century. It may have been exhibited at the Enterprise office (run by the Territorial Enterprise Historical and Educational Foundation, though it may not be open now). As to value, probably in the range of $4000-7000 depending on whether it is complete and usable as is.


Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for your input. It does not have the Tipman and Friskett… Not sure I’m spelling that correctly. Thanks again for taking the time…