Wood Type Identification

I have this nifty font of wood type but can’t identify it. I suspect it’s English but it does not have DeLittle’s mark on it. I can not find it in the one DeLittle specimen that I have. Can anyone help please?

John Horn

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Hi John,

I didn’t find it in my DeLittle nor my Stephanson Blake wood type catalogs. I do agree that it definitely has an English flavor to it. Very sexy!!!!!!!!!


Hi John,

Lovely font! To my eyes, has a bit more flair to the letters (maybe Italian?) than the English designers felt comfortable with. Look at eg R, W, 4.

What is the type height - USA/UK, or European? Any other hints where it may have come from - eg many European fonts have a sawcut along their bottom edge.

I have a number of DeLittle catalogs, and I have never seen it before, either. Nice mystery!

Regards, Philip

It is indeed USA/UK type high. What I didn’t mention is that it’s a two-color font, the other color is a solid version of the design. It also has a “nick” cut into it. I found something close to it in DeLittle but not an exact match.

All of the following sold chromatic founts in the UK as well as Sellers of Sheffield. St Brides library have catalogues for all of them.
As the type is not marked it may well have been made to be sold by one of the trade printing equipment suppliers and won’t appear in type cutters catalogue.

image: Chromatic_suppliers.jpg