Foil puller on a 12x18 Kluge

Is anybody familiar with foil system in this picture?
I just bought a Kluge with this type foil system on it and cant figure out where the feed roll goes or if it is missing parts.
The picture is from the web but it is exactly the same as what I have on my Kluge.
Here is a YouTube video that shows the same system with a bar and rod to accommodate the feed roll but it seems to be a modification since there are no holes in my system’s side frame for it to get attached to.
Any info would be appreciated.

image: kluge_004_with_foil_10_x_15.515adf5f83c5f.jpg


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This video shows a factory puller converted to using servo motors.
Not the one in question.

on these old conversions, they put the “stock roll”, just about everywhere. if you could send more pics, of around the bed and leafer area, could maybe find the old spot or come up with new one.

We have that system. The unstamped roll sits in a holder underneath the chase. Look for the black bracket that hangs off the chase clips, at the rear there’s a slot to hold the roll.

I’ve attached a photo from the web. You can see the roll of silver foil in the bottom center of the frame.

The rod that it goes onto is notched on both ends and slides into the holder from the back.

Hope that helps.

image: kluge_005_with_foil_10_x_15.515adf5cc714d.jpg