Just got a Vandercook 4 that needs work, the carriage seems to over rotate so that the grippers and guides fall just behind the fore edge of the feedboard when it’s in its rest position. Does that description of the problem make sense? Any ideas on how to fix? Many thanks! JM

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Hi Jeff,
The cylinder is engaged on the wrong tooth of the rack. You will need to take the sprung stops off at the far end of the bed, roll the carriage forward, and try to rotate the handle clockwise a couple more teeth then re-engage and check. Get a helper to spot you so the cylinder doesn’t roll off the end!


Hey Man! That’s what it looks like to me as well… but I’m confused about the solution. By getting the cylinder a few more teeth further down the rack it seems like it would just travel further, but still come back to the same wacky spot in its return to rest? No? Much appreciate your advice… Jeff in the weeds!

Ah… I need to roll off the track, then rotate, then back on track. Yes. I get it. I think.

Check is in the mail!

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The way I remember it, the correct position is to have the line between the clamp and the tympan at 12 o’clock. It will still work if a tooth or two off that, but not in register with the deadlines on the press bed.
For an easier method, see

You got it! Congrats on the new press!

You are also missing one of the paper feed guides that are made out of part LB7—contact me for a replacement.

Hold up! On the No. 4 the racks are sectional. Just remove the two right end pieces, then in trip mode, roll the carriage off the racks, hold the carriage still and turn the impression cylinder. Then push the carriage back onto the racks and roll it to the feed board. It may take a couple tries. I’ve done this many times by myself. Easier and safer than removing the cylinder from the bed.