Mystery Cochin type variant

The Virginia Arts of the Book Center is publishing a type specimen book cataloging its extensive collection. We are stumped by a drawer of type incorrectly labeled Nicolas-Cochin Bold. The type is similar to, but different from another drawer of type that is correctly labeled Cochin Bold. Can anyone help us properly identify this whimsical variant, and perhaps tell us which foundry cast it? Please see the photo attached.

Thanks so much!

image: cochin-bold.jpg


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This is Greco Bold. There is a listing and description in McGrew’s book. Apparently the mats were made in the US by an independent mat company for use on Thompson/Monotype casters. The designed is copied from a Spanish type foundry.
- Matt Kelsey

The original Spanish foundry was Gans, and the most commonly seen variant of this is Greco Adornado which is most often seen in Mexican restaurant menus.


At the Virginia Arts of the Book Center, we have a second all-caps typeface we have been unable to identify. Please see the attached photo. Can anybody help?

Thanks to LiberApertus (Matt) and Foolproof546 (Rick) for nailing down Greco Bold for us!


image: mystery face 2.JPG

mystery face 2.JPG

Bonnie -

Your second proof shows Goudy Title. Made by ATF and was their number 180.

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

Michael is correct. This is Goudy Titling. It is an adaptation of Goudy Oldstyle, produced by ATF in 1918. ATF essentially took Goudy Oldstyle’s small caps and enlarged them to the full body size and ATF redesigned the “Q” to tuck in the tail, which greatly irritated Fred Goudy. This enlargement slightly changes the weight of each character as compared to Goudy Oldstyle.


Thanks, Michael (Nickel Plate Press) and Rick (Foolproof546). We appreciate the very specific identification, including detailed information about the design and provenance of our Goudy Titling.

Bonnie Bernstein
Virginia Arts of the Book Center

We have another misnomer — found in a drawer marked Cochin Bold. Can anyone help us identify it correctly?


image: cochin bold mislabeled.jpg

cochin bold mislabeled.jpg

This one, indeed, looks like Nicholas Cochin Bold, possibly Baltimore’s casting, which was Monotype’s No.105, listed in McGrew as “Title, Half.”

Dave Greer