Kluges how to dispose of

We have several kluges and C&P presses to dispose of, is there a market for these items or is the best way to scrap them, all the presses are vintage.
All the presses are complete with motors and control boxes the motors are brush type, they were used in a trade shop for numbering scoring die cutting etc.

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One thing you can do is post a list, preferably with individual descriptions and pictures, right here in the classified section:
but don’t use “&” or other special characters in the title of the picture or it won’t post

Where the presses are located will be important to any potential new owner - both the city and how accessible to being moved, i.e., loading dock accessible, in a basement, etc

I am sure you will find a new home for the presses


yes, please post them in classifieds, very interested

These presses are located in St. Petersburg FL on the ground floor can be loaded on a trailer with a pallet jack.