Oversized Sheets


I’m looking for a paper that is cotton stock or high quality wood pulp (heavy text weight or light cover), can be printed digitally on a commercial printer, and has a sheet size of at least 44 X 59 inches. Any suggestions? NY Art Supply closed & I’m having trouble finding someone that has the same kind of selection & knowledge.

We are trying to recreate the oversized Birds of America 2nd edition which was made with 1830 Whatman cotton rag stock.

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It is not clear how you plan to digitally print a sheet of this size. I know there are several large flatbed ink-jet printers in the market place. Durst and Canon both have products in the arena.
As far as the paper goes, I’d suggest reaching out to Legion Paper in NY, 212.683.6990, Legionpaper.com. They should be able to help you. They have a terrific line of cotton inkjet papers that may or may be available in such a very, very large sheet size.

You might have better luck finding a 44” wide roll of paper, than 44 X 59 sheets. I found this quickly by Googling it, and I’m sure it isn’t the only one.


How many copies are you intending to recreate? If you are looking for a lot of paper, the larger paper merchants who supply commercial printers, might be able to help you with a roll, if you wanted a roll big enough for, say, a few thousand sheets (44” rolls are well within the capability of many web presses, so that size roll wouldn’t be an unusual request for them). They could also tell you who could sheet the roll into 59” sheets for you, if they couldn’t do it. If you needed a lot of paper, that approach would probably be cheaper.