Hey Gang,
Every once in a while a thread pops up about not being able to reach Fritz at NA Graphics.
I can tell you that he’s a busy fellow but a joy to know. Recently on a trip to the Southwest my wife and I stopped in to visit Fritz at his shop in Silverton, Colorado. So glad we did.
Here’s a picture of him, probably giving someone advice on how to use their press.
warm regards to all,

image: P1110408.JPG


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Hi Steve,
I’m so glad you had the chance to drop in on him out there in Silverton. The work Fritz does is nothing short of heroic and I’ve always enjoyed having a reason to give him a call. I hope that desk faces a window!


If I look ahead slightly and to my right while at my desk, this is my view at least during the Fall color season. Right now it’s mostly white snow:

There’s a herd of Elk that live among those trees.

each time I try to meet you Fritz …. you are out + about! I will keep trying though…. warm + sunny here in the Fort Collins “banana belt”!

I’ve never met Fritz in his lair, but have encountered him in his hunter-gatherer mode, and by smoke-signal emails, and appreciate his humor and diligence in meeting the needs of most of us lone-wolf printers. (too many singular illusions, don’t you think?)

John Henry
in the wilds of Northern Iowa