Leibinger #13 Numbering Machine Help

In the past I would be calling Ernie at Ultimate Numbering Machines, but they are no longer available.
My question is this:
My Leibinger #13 with 3 drop zeros is starting to not print the drop zeros when I need them to print.
So when the “printing” zero comes around it is a little lower than the rest of the numbers.
Does this mean I need a new shaft, number wheel, or what?
I have taken some apart and back together in the past so I should be able to replace whatever needs replacing.
I clean them and regularly deep clean thm in a ultrasonic cleaner in “Anchor 909 Numbering Machine” cleaner, blow off the residue then I oil them with oil NOT WD40.
Any help is appreciated.

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Most of the time I have found that the little cipher (in where the pen is pointing) as I call it in the center of the number wheel becomes damaged from say picking up a double and now that zero doesn’t want to print good. I can also be from also be from a bent or damaged wheel shaft.

I will usually try swapping in a new wheel shaft to see if that helps….if it does then I leave the good wheel shaft in. Other times a new wheel shaft makes little to no difference and then I will put in a new drop wheel if I have any.

Usually one of these 2 will fix the issue. With Ultimate gone I am running low on wheel shafts and don’t think I even have any new wheels left.

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I just got in contact with Steve Finch over at Leibinger USA [email protected] and he gave me some info that should be helpful to a few of us here….see our emails below and anyone here on Briar not close to the New York or Canada supplier is encouraged by Steve at Leibinger USA to contact him directly for a possible closer supplier at [email protected]


I am in need of replacement parts for my many Leibinger numbering machines I use in my shop that services the print trade industry. I used to be able to get what I needed from Ultimate Numbering Machine but they are no longer in business.

Can you please tell me how I may acquire new parts for my #13-#20 and larger #10 numbering machines?

Any information is appreciated!


Dave L


Since you are in Connecticut, I would like you to contact a dealer that we have in that area that operates out of New York and Canada:

Inca Repair - Operates out of Canada and New York

Contact: Randy Yarwood

Phone: (877) 387-0292

Email: [email protected]

As the company name implies, they also can provide repair services.


Thank You very much for the info and brochure! I will pass this info along to others in the letterpress community that have also questioned where to get parts.


Thank you. I appreciate it. Ernie had so many customers and I myself have been a part of Leibinger for 6 years so I do not know all of them.

We have dealers scattered throughout so it may be that another dealer would be closer to the others in the letterpress community that you know. Please have them contact me and we can help.


Hope this info helps some of us here on Briar!
Dave L

Randy is a good guy I have bought machines and parts from him in the past and have sent some of my clients to him. He has given me much good advice over the last 20 years.
Too bad we can’t deal directly with Leibinger when doing a bulk purchase Some years ago bought 8 model 20’s direct from Leibinger.
Drop zero not printing put in a solid wheel it only takes a few seconds. need a drop zero just put in a spacer wheel. Saves a lot of headaches.

I bought numerous machines from Ernie in the past, hard to believe the business didn’t continue in some fashion. I agree with whats been said here- I had machines set up just for crash work-first four wheels had solid zeros, and the others had none. The solid shaft held up better too. So is Ernie retired?