How best would handle this

Customer that give you NO real copy or photos.

They give me a website address and tell me to design their brochure for them.

When, I tell them they need to give real copy before I can work it they get all upset and telling me I am a professional printer (which hurts to hear)!

I get no photos are artwork and very little copy.

Should I just hand the job back and tell them to find another printer or just do what I can and make the money?

This happen last week. A lady I printed some business cards about 8 months wanted a brochure.

She has no real copy, no photos just a link to power point program about the company.

She gave me the order on Thursday night and call Friday morning asking if was ready to look over.

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Welcome to the modern world of design. We get that kind of thing on a nearly weekly basis at my day job. The plain fact is that in this modern world of 160 character tweets, sound bites, and other mental fast food this is about the best you can expect from 90+% of print clientele. They’re not even going to understand what you mean by the word “copy”. Good luck getting real content out of them.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

First I would tell them the rate to do document creation as a professional printer is $100/hour. Then I would estimate the time it will take me to create the file. Cost to pull images off the web or write copy. Let’s say 2 hours. This money is due in advance (now) before you start the project.
Then I would say that the more information they can provide, text, or images the less time you will need to complete the project.
After that I would say that it will take 3 to 5 business days to come up with a draft of the flyer or brochure.

Not sure were you need to go after that, but usually they will pay and you can move forward. You can also us itsy yourself to do the creation part.