Anyone seen this before?

Hello all,
Found this today. I can’t find any info about it. Has Channel 8 and Indianapolis, Indiana on the bottom. Thanks for looking!

image: sea dog.jpg

sea dog.jpg

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How about Charles M. Schulz,s *SNOOPY* ?

Checked out The Coasters, *Charlie Brown* for a tenuous link, but No Dice apparently… . Mick.

My first thought was ’50s-’60s local TV kiddie show host. Those I remember all had job-based characters: cowboy marshal, mayor, astronaut, deep sea diver, riverboat captain, and a Seadog would fit right in. But what does the block say at the top? Call letters?

They phrase at the top is KOG 2389

Well, that doesn’t quite fit either. KOG wouldn’t refer to Indianapolis broadcasting, or it’d start with a W. Maybe it refers to an actual vessel.

Could “KOG 2389” be a marine vessel radio call sign and Channel 8 be the Marine Band Frequency to contact “The Seadog” on when in Indy?

Just me 2 cents.


Assuming the size is about 3” x 5” it is probably an engraving for printing a CB radio QSL card. That was common about 40+ years ago.


Thanks for the info!

Here is some information on QSL cards.

Note the section labeled “Usage in CB radio”


Thanks. That was a nice read.