Wood Type Identification


Can someone identify this font?

image: 0001.jpg


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It is a basic Clarendon. The Q is kind of unique, but then the specimens in the catalogs usually don’t include a Q. An E or an R would have helped.

Does the A have anything stamped on the side?????? That would help a great deal in nailing down the specific manufacturer and the name or number of the face.

As a note to most folks, the S is upside down in this photo. Usually the upper left serif is pulled back ever so slightly from the side edge of the body and the lower right serif is usually flush with the side edge.


The “A” had no markings on it like some do.

Thanks for you help.

Without any markings on the A, it was most likely made by Hamilton. The closest thing I can see in their 1907 catalog is the face unfortunately designated as “No. 23”. It was also probably a face that was originated at Hamilton.