Printed typeface identification


I am curious if anyone is able to identify the typeface used in the attached image. The text is from a 1971 gallery catalog published by UCLA Galleries and credits Design of catalog to Louis Danziger, Typesetting by Ad Compositors, and Printing & Binding to Anderson, Ritchie & Simon.

Thank you in advance! I can provide more samples if that is helpful.

image: fontsample.jpg


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It is in the same general family as the Century Roman series. There were quite a few similar faces used for newspapers and magazines in that era. If you can find a cap “T” or “Q”, those might be the telling characters. The quality of the attached image is not clear enough to discern minute differences between such fonts.

I’ve uploaded a phrase in Century Roman

image: Century Sample.jpg

Century Sample.jpg

Thank you so much! I think this is spot on.