Help! Need help/advice moving letterpress Cincinnati

I am moving across town this coming month and am looking for help/advice on moving my 10x15 Challenge Gordon. I am currently set up in my garage; however, I’ll be working from within the basement of my new house which means disassembling is probably the only method of getting the press in the door.

Is there anyone in the Cincinnati area that could help? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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go to your local hardware store and get a “paint marker” pen. mark any parts for reassembly. letter-number codes work well. IE: “B-1” could be for the first fasteners removed from the “Bed”. then re-assemble in reveres order.”F-1” would be “Frame”…”I-1” would be “inker”, Etc. the paint is much more durable than say, a “sharpie” pen. it can still be removed. the 2 things to consider are size and weight of the press. removing the Flywheel&crankshaft,ink disk, and bed, are prob all is needed. (other than a few huge guys). i am in milwaukee. if you can’t find anyone closer we could work something out, just to cover expenses like gas.

Were just up the road from you (well 2 hours) happy to help if you need it.


Done this a couple times.

Here’s a few shots part way in to the process. Break the press down yourself, and then find a piano mover to do the rigging. Heavy things drop into holes pretty easy; getting em out is another thing.

Happy to answer any questions.



I just moved a Chandler and Price 10x15 yesterday and found these two sites extremely helpful.

I did use a forklift though to push things along and to get the press onto a pallet against most recommendations. I found the biggest help though was lots of plywood and 2x4. Go slow, I mean real slow. Movements were an inch at a time. I used a 5x9 uhaul trailer and a pickup to pull it. I made sure to center the press just forwards of the axle slightly so the weight was over the top of the axle and on the hitch.

The trailer was wide and long enough that I did not have to disassemble it. Do make sure the press is in the closed position and then ratchet strap all moving parts so nothing shifts in transit.

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Big thanks to Rob Miller for driving down to help move the press into my new house!

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