Heat Plate for 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill

I am in search of a Heat Plate for my 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill. (So far, my quest has lead me to one that costs almost $3K, which made me choke for a moment.) I have some smaller heat plates and do a lot of foil stamping orders already, and the smaller plates have given me some limitations. I want to get one that would cover the extent of my chase. Any thoughts on where to look?

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Machine shop make you one on a larger scale.

Theo, is machine shop a company? If so, do they have a website or contact number?

He meant a machine shop.

Ah, ok. Thank you! Silly on my part. :)

Are you looking for a hot plate only, or with controller?
Then do you have an idea of the wattage you would like?
Higher wattage gives quicker response time to heat changes.
Unless you find “this Gift” out there in the used market, you will be looking at a financial investment. I think it can be done for well under 3 grand, but, I recently quoted just rebuilding a hot plate for another member. it came to around 600-800 bucks from memory. I realize this is a lot of money. the controllers alone if purchased through normal channels can go 400 each. The Chinese and Ebay offer substantially lower cost.
To build one for you, from scratch would require a machined plate to begin with. This needs to be machined to required thickness so all layers come out to correct height, once die is installed. Then the heater rods, heat rated wire, plugs, insulation layer, backing plate, thermocouple, with heat controller and enclosure,,, then drill and tap the plate to accept die attachments. This then, would all require assembly and testing… A single layer hotplate, or “direct use” would require all of this. You do not have the space there to allow for a permanent hot plate, with a removable honey comb for dies. it would need to be made to your die requirements. (1/4” dies i assume?)
As you are reading then I think you can see the level of involvement to produce ONE of these. obviously, if an order or demand say for 5 or 10 of these were present ,the cost could go down significantly.
The whole package, for $2,000-$2,500 could be done, I think, possibly even cheaper, but once product liability ins is added on, “it is what it is.”