Roller Bearers

I know this topic was addressed some time ago, but I bring it up again as I do not have a satisfactory answer. I’m looking for brass rule (or appropriate substitute) to use as letterpress roller bearers to use with hand presses. Do you know of any sources or can you point me in the right direction. I live in Venice. California 90291.

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Have brass rule to sell.
Asking $7.00/lb.
Also lead strip material… $5.00/lb.
24” strips… or can cut to your specs.
James ‘Mac’ McGraw
[email protected]

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When we were printing The Rich Mouse on a Washington hand press, we used, I believe, 24 point wide low strip material, which was locked in the forme, and 12 point slugs laid flat set on it to achieve type-high bearers. We could then lift the 12 point slugs out after inking, to prevent the roller bearers printing on the frisket. The combination is slightly over type-high, so the bearers need to be some distance from the type, and the rollers should be soft enough to conform, but it worked fine for us.