Uneven impression on Adana 8x5

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I read one of the previous articles about creating an even an impression by loosening off all the plate screws and gently adjusting until an even touch was created across the plate. I had a chase with a letter in each corner. However, despite it looking like An even touch on the platen when I have added packing I only got an impression on the bottom two corners. This was a deep impression while no impression in the top corners. I can’t seem to adjust the top two screws any further. I don’t want to force it. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done wrong.

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GemmaH, You have the order of impression adjustment and packing in slightly the wrong order,!
Steps basically as follows:- (1) back of the 2 Bed retaining bolts, (until the bed is effectively floating free) there should be a coil spring under each bolt, to allow the bed to move in and out on adjustments, always some daylight between the coils, - meant to be.! - -
(2) Pack the platen proper with nominal packing in the order of, 1 sheet of card next the face of the platen proper, 2-3 sheets of newsprint, 1 sheet of blotting paper, and then Top Sheet as Tympan,? either Oiled Manilla or strong accurate, parcel wrapping sheet, or waxed grease-proof.
ALL very close to Adana,s original specifications.

(3) back of the 4 impression bolts, literally till the bed is hanging in mid-air, then,
(4) your chase slipped in with 4 exactly perfect for Height spacers, .918 of course.
(5) bring the impression up until the Impression handle meets the *Bump Stops* where the underside of the Handle meets the main frame, there will be NO resistance because the bed will have been pushed back and not even touching the 4 Imp. bolts. then.
(6) >still on non existant impression< but with the handle down, begin tweeking the 4 bolts progressively IN, remembering, Mirror Image, from the front to back. usually in order of the (X) top left, bottom right, bottom left, top right, finger and thumb, adjustments only, (No wrenches etc.) with just a minute shot of lubrication on the 4 bolts, (steel bolts in Alloy do not sit well together) You will FEEL when gentle contact is arriving, on all 4, minute *tweeks* in or out will give a good starting point, 4 slivers of paper as *feeler gauges* under each bolt will give virtually perfect synchronisation, The 2 bed retaining bolt *Knurled* nuts re tightened, but, leaving FREE compression available on the spring washers, NOT coil-bound as has happened.

THEN, with nominal packing, as above, and according to the stock to be used, subsequent, minute alterations can be effected for CLAMSHELL Impression.
By implication, usually, minute *Tweeks* +/- on the TOP 2, Imp. Bolts, OR minute *Tweeks* +/- on the BOTTOM 2 Imp. Bolts. NEVER diagonally.?
All 4 impression bolts marked with *Tippex* or similar, to give a visual guide as to actual adjustments, HELPS.

Good Luck. Mick.

Wow thanks Mick, is going to have a go now. Will let you know how I get on.

Gemma H. Thank You. Initially sounds complicated and tedious, but once You have mastered the procedure, it will stand You in good stead, because all of the Table Top Adana,s (excluding the Adana Quarto) are Clamshell in Action and not exactly High Tech., with nominal packing for starters, You reach the point where just adding or subtracting *Packing* is not the entire solution.

I.E. When Your learning curve has progressed sufficiently, and You want to go into the realms of Printing on Onion Skin, Bible Paper, Airmail, N.C.R. and similar, and then UP TO, Beer Mats, Coasters, etc. (which Adana,s are quite good at) there are limits to how much adding or subtracting packing can achieve, hence with some acquired expertise and a lot of practice, *Tweeking* the 4 impression bolts in the correct sequence, can be very useful, marked up for visual settings, works well, even in a Tiny shop, Hobby Shop etc.
(like the Big Boys/Big Gals) marked on the Job Bag/Docket, or even scribbled on the bench, beyond the Tea/Coffee cup, marks, previous settings @ X, Y. Zee, etc., to revert to previous.

It worked a treat thanks Mick. You saved me from a frustrating afternoon!

Well done That Girl, but don`t rest on Your Laurels, keep refining the Technique, so that You may post Your findings, in due course, to help those following on behind.
N.B. (generally) applies to Adana,s only because the Imp. Adjuster bolts are NOT held captive or locked, as appears to be so with Your Kelsey,s Sigwalt,s etc.