2 or 3 rollers with C&P Platen Press

Hello again,

I’ve noticed that some people operate their C&P platen press with only the top two rollers installed. The gentleman I just bought my 8x12 from ran it this way because he found that 3 rollers tended to over-ink. Is this common practice? Is it better (i.e., better results) running the machine with all three rollers and less ink?

Thanks in advance

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I run my platen press with only 2 rollers if I have a very simple form with not much inked image. However, if the amount of ink coverage increases, I run three rollers to allow for sufficient ink. You are correct in your assumption that three rollers will give you more even coverage with less chance of over-inking the image.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I like to use three - that way they all wear evenly. Unless the form is really small I’ve never had over inking issues with three - I tend to keep my ink on the lighter side anyway so that I can print slower and have more control. Either way works as long as it works for you. I’d start with two and if you are having issues getting crisp edges on your type, or the forms seem under inked try three.