Steam Roller Printing

Over the years I have noted a lot of demonstrations of “steam roller printing” shown and discussed. To the best of my knowledge, NONE of them actually used a real steam roller.

This past weekend, a 1905 Kelley-Springfield 12-ton steam roller was used as a printing press at the Annual Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, IA. This amazing feat was performed on both Friday and Saturday and the results were amazing. I am sure there are probably lots of views of this on U-Tube.

The Kelley-Springfield was the Engine-of-the-Year at the Old Threshers Reunion and it was completely restored and polished to the nines. Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!

I mention this because we are going to do it again on Friday and Saturday, September 15 and 16 during the Annual Midwest and Great Northern Printer’s Fair in Mt. Pleasant, IA.


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Sounds fantastic.
Do you have a picture???
Can’t wait to see it.
I’ll be there again this year!
Great People, Great information, Great FUN!!!

I wasn’t able to go to the Steam Roller print, but there are some good pictures here in the Hawkeye.

I keep seeing photos and videos on facebook (and drooling over the folder). Looks like a ton of fun!!