Woodtype identification

Can anybody identify the following type?
It is 3 line wood type.
The upper and lower case G’s look like Cheltenham Old Style. So do the long ascenders and short descenders, as well as the upper case W. The lower case e has an angled bar, though.
It is definitely 3 line, but it is a little over .93” high. It also appeared to have be “retro-fitted” for European use. There was a metal accent mark nailed into one letter and holes indicate that this was the same on others, There was also a metal diagonal cross piece on the upper case L. (Polish?)
Do you think this was made in Europe? Did they have 3 line type? Was it common practice to “retro-fit” wood type with metal accent marks?


image: Woodtype.jpg


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It appears to be a simply AWFUL interpretation of Cheltenham. Whoever decided to have this cut in wood first had to make a master pattern, and it was at this stage that a LOT of bad things apparently happened. It was open to personal interpretation when the patterns were cut and this appears to have been done very sloppily.