Anyone recognize this one?

Hello Letterpress experts,

I picked up a full California job case of this type (shown in the attached image as “Toil and trouble”. Only after I got home, did I realize that it only has one upper case A, and I don’t think it even goes with the rest of the face. Any idea what this face actually is, and if so, anybody have any suggestions on how to procure some addtitional uppercase A’s?

The case is labeled “News Condensed 30 pt.”, but it doesn’t appear to be the same as the ATF News Gothic Condensed…

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

image: IMG_20170923_082354_807.jpg


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Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed.


If you can find someone with the Monotype matrices for Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed, you may be able to get sorts cast.


I confirm that the capital ‘A’ is incorrect for the font.

Thanks folks!

Actually the capital A may be correct!!!!!!! Without even going to my reference books, could the cap A shown be News Gothic Condensed???????

If you can find someone willing to cast some sorts of Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed for you, make absolutely sure that that you send them a cap H or cap M so that they can make sure that the baseline will align for your type. Both ATF and Monotype cast this face so there could a difference.