Delivery Jogger.

We have a red ball windmill which has a piston delivery jogger. We decided to hook it up but cannot get any air to it. We have tried feeding and on impression but still no air. We followed all the info in the manual and all is OK but just no air. We began to trace the air line but wonder if there is some gate valve of switch somewhere that allow air into the air line. I hate to fix something a aint yet broke.

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You’ve probably checked this but I believe there is a thumb screw that can lock out the jogger when it’s not to be used. Should be on the collar of the jogger itself. I assume that’s loose already?


Hi Brad, When the system was installed a few years back the jogger came with the unit but was not attached. The screws were there and we desided to install it on the windmill but no air comes through.We did see the collar and the set screw was set correctly we just dont seam to have any air to it. We are going to trace the air line and see where it goes to try to find out the source and see if that fixes the issue

The delivery jogger only works when theres resistance in the suction when it actually picks up a sheet of paper. There’s a copper tube that goes from the backside of the side table down to the bottom of the press and hooks up to the vacuum from there. I’m still working on one of mine but you need to make sure all the tubes are free and clear and the spring/piston move freely.

Thank you Daniel, I was wondering where the line was heading to and now I have an better idea where to look. I kept looking around the pump but never followed the line to the other or under side of the press. Thanks for the follow up. I know this is a silly post but I hate it when I have something that should work but wont. A cold beer and a flashlight should get er done.

Got it to work!!! I am lucky to have a great repairmen. I mentioned it to him and he stopped by it see if he could find anything. About the only thing we found was loose airlines. It looked like all of my airline had no clamps. Additionally they we all a little loose. I replaced all of the airlines with new tubing and clamped them tight. Still no delivery jogger. I took off the airline and pushed a wire through it. I hit a blockage about halfway through. I oiled and rammed the blockage for 2 hours before I could wear it down enough to get it out. I had this problem many years ago with my old GTO. When spray powder and paper lint get wet from air moisture and then dry they can create a concrete like substance. We had an airline so clogged back then we took it off and took a wood dowel to pound out a blockage. It popped out like a cannon ball and felt like one too.